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Verticals that have benefited with LeadFeed in 2018

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Business Loans


To justify an extra hire this business loan provider required a minimum of 2 extra hot leads a week.


We reviewed the conversion performance of previous applications and identified a number of key characteristics for our targeting. We then segmented these according to message and size of the prospect universe.


A flow of c.6 qualified leads a day with a conversion rate 40% higher than their benchmark.



This Client has an ambitious growth plan and has to meet aggressive service levels for those he services. The requirement was to increase overall productivity and ideally reduce costs!


We built a dedicated team of recruitment specialists that are fully immersed in the Client business receiving dedicated training and gaining sector specific expertise.


Accelerated brief to delivery timeline, reduced “missed-opportunity” rate and a 70% reduction in cost per candidate.

Vending Machines


This vending machine company had plans to dominate the World but required a critical volume in each new territory to warrant service support.


We used a geo targeted campaign with a time and volume limited cap to tease out prospects in 3 pilot areas.


A replicable model that provides a reduced cost of market entry for our client and a better total solution for the end user. Which in turn drives a 35% higher conversion rate than before.

social leads just convert better

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Social Lead Generation as a Service

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Why Use Social Leads?

In our experience the top 3 reasons to use Social Lead generation are:

1. Untapped Prospect(s)

Despite being around for quite a while Social Channels are still relatively under used for lead generation as compared to platforms based on Pay Per Click or SEO

This means that you have a greater chance of standing out in the eyes of your prospect and typically at a significantly lower cost per sale.

2. HIgher Conversion Rates

When managed correctly direct engagement through Social Channels means that you are not competing against other offerings.

So unlike google, where you can be confident that your prospect has looked at at least 4 competitors, you will likely be pitching against no one!

3. Risk Mitigation

By adding Social Channels into your Lead Generation mix you will be reducing your dependency on your existing channels. Important if you have a sales team to feed, if there is a bidding war forcing prices up or if there is "Denial of Service"

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Why Use LeadFeed?

So we reckon the top 3 reasons to use LeadFeed are:

1. Knowledge

All we do at LeadFeed is generate sales leads for a whole raft of clients through Social Media.

To do that effectivelly and to stay in business we need to be fully up todate with the rules, regulations and nuances of every platform that we work with.

2. Experience

We have over 30 years of experience generating and converting leads using almost every channel known available.

Our experience in proposition design, channel management and sales conversion will increase your chances of success significantly.

3. Value

To deliver a high value product our people are rewarded on performance and productivity. This ensures that we deliver a robust solution at a competitive price. If we don't think we can we'll thank you for your interest and wish you all the best!

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Even more Businesses LeadFeed has helped in 2018

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Contact Centre


Providing Out Of Hours Telephone Answering Services for businesses is a competitive market and a new sales channel was urgently needed.


We identified 10 key target markets and created lightweight collateral with specific messaging for each of those markets. We then entered each market sequentially increasing our headcount as we gained an understanding of the conversion ratios.


On average 4 qualified leads a week are being introduced to our Client. And with no competitor interference they're converting at c.75%.

Car Leasing


Escalating on-line advertising costs and challenging market conditions forced this leasing company to re-consider it's sales strategy.


We segmented the target market by vertical, role and geography to allow specific propositions to be comunicated with focus. Direct sales techniqus were employed to deter the prospect from going on line where they may review competitor offerings.


After a slow start we are now generating 2 leads a day with a conversion rate from lead to contract in excess of 60%.

Financial Advisors


Our client provides specialist financial services for the expat community but was having a problem generating new business.


We worked with the Client to create targetable personas for our process. Prospects that then connected were run through a grading filter and distributed to Advisors on a taxi-rank basis.


A transformed business with a steady supply of 5 qualified expat prospects a day with an 80% conversion rate

tap into new communities

You define your target market and we go engage with that community

When a prospect expresses an interest in your offering we'll qualify them and then make the introduction.

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Will Social Work For Me?

( There are just 5 questions! )

What you get with LeadFeed

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#1 We do the groundwork

1. Valuable Insight

You complete a short survey defining your target market, offering and definition of a qualified lead

2. Specific Market Sizing

We calculate the number of prospects in your market and provide an estimated weekly run-rate for your lead generation activity.

3. Power Profile Creation

We optimise the LinkedIn profile(s) to be used to generate your qualified leads to drive maximum conversion.

4. Meaningful Messaging

We use your experience and our knowledge to define and test introductory messages that invite prospects to connect and subsequent follow up messages to thank each prospect.

5. Speedy Hand-off

We agree the most efficient way to pass your qualified and eager leads direct to your sales team or your on-boarding process.

6. Rapid Reporting

We agree the reporting process that will be used to keep track of performance and ensure optimum lead volumes.

#2 You reap the rewards

1. Profile Visit

Each prospect from your defined target market will receive a Profile Visit from the LinkedIn profile that we have optimised. This generates awareness ahead of a Connection Request which typically results in an increase in conversion at the next stage.

2. Connection Request

Your prospects will then receive a personalised Connection Request using one of the previously crafted messages.

3. Thank You Message

Once a Connection Request has been accepted we fire back a “Thank you for connecting” message which leads into our Qualifying Chat.

4. Qualifying Chat

Our agents engage with each Connection to surface those that fully fit our agreed definition of a Qualified Lead. Only then do we move on to the final step.

5. Personal Introduction

Where a Connection expresses an interest in your offering AND is Qualified Lead we make a seamless introduction as defined in our earlier set-up process.

Could you use 10-20 hot prospects a month?

Respond "Yes I Want More Leads" and we'll ask you 4 quick qualifying questions to be sure that we can help you.

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